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2021  IO sono memoria, Curva Pura gallery, Rome.

2020 Edge Neuroscience and Art Exhibition, 29.10 – 01.11, Berlin, Germany.

2019 The Procedural Memory I, Loading Fest, 14 September, Porto, Portugal.

2018 (Engram) Human Memory, LIF audiovisual art Festival, 23-25 August, Sikinos Greece.

2017 Group Exhibition COSA? organized by LUCE,001, Fotoleggendo circuit, Rome.
2017 Olivier, Exhibition at Les Boutographies Festival, Montpellier, France.

2016 Olivier, Exhibition curated by Lina Pallotta at Castelnuovofotografia, Castelnuovo di Porto, Rome.
2016 Olivier, Exchange Prize Boutographie/Fotoleggendo.
2016 Olivier, Exhibition curated by Lina Pallotta at Fotoleggendo Festival, Rome
2016 Olivier, photobook shortlisted for the Dummy Award Kassel.

2015 Olivier, Public Award “Rock Your Dummy” Le PhotobookFest Paris Photo.