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Flaminia Celata was born in Rome in 1973 the place where she now lives and works in.

After having worked for years in painting, interior decoration and restoration, she started studying photography at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia, where she graduated in 2009. Her projects, which tend to be long-term, are personal and documentarist. However, in recent years she has developed a more scientific and experimental approach to her image elaboration and a growing interest in the use of video as an art-form. In 2016 She self-published her first photobook called Olivier, a project about the death of large numbers of palm trees in Rome. Olivier received several good reviews and awards and the project was exhibited in Italy and in France. In her current long-term project, she is investigating how the Human Memory works, and falters, using a mixture of scientific and personal approaches to create videos, photos and sounds.