Artist Statement

Artist Statement 2019-01-31T17:31:58+00:00

Things change, undermined by various factors, both internal and external, which integrate and amalgamate profoundly with existing reality, so essence and form are mutated. This change always strikes me.

It is the perception of what is being transformed that leads me to begin a scientific investigation, which as a guide and as an instrument of knowledge, allows me to reach the right emotional detachment as well as the need to produce images.

In my work, Olivier, it is the transformation in the exterior look of the palm-tree that first attracted me and gave me the urge to document it. This document-style representation later evolves, into experimenting with the production of more abstract imagery, which is the evidence of my need to delve deeply and visualize the mystery and the drama of the transformation itself. The creative process implies getting close to the subject. The research for details and texture is the process that allows me to enter within the matter and by being closer, thus freeze what it is that sets off that mutation.

By using a digital camera, I work by subtracting. What remains becomes something else and takes on new meaning.

My modus operandi includes also choosing the size of images. Sometimes enlarging a micro-element, becomes the representation of a mystery that does not allow itself to be solved.When I use video, it is my way to penetrate the invisible, my way of being inquisitive about the process, witnessing the signs of an action which is invisible and has no shape but is indeed present.

The moving image helps me to get to the essence of the subject, while it cancels the shock.

The Human Memory explores the way human memory functions and is born from a personal struggle to visually represent the mystery of losing one’s memory. Besides videos, what is visible on this work is the self-portrait which comes from being very close to the subject in question. Through the obliteration of individuality, it becomes a rational, almost scientific, research, that allows me to obtain the right distance for a visual investigation, which does not always produce certainties or solutions.

It is the obsessive research for impossible answers that makes it natural for me to work for a long time on single projects.